Intentional Camera Movement

I am inspired by the work of other artists and experimenting with non-documentary photography. I am drawn to Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) technique because of the blending of colors, movement, and  work with abstraction.

Like most photographers, I enjoy participating in many genres of photography.  For me, Intentional Camera Movement (ICM), is one of the most freeing techniques that can create various photography styles. When I was was about fourteen years old I experimented with long-exposure pictures. Initially because I didn’t know what I was doing and subsequently because I found the effect fascinating. The ability to control movement through an extended shutter speed has been in a study in light, texture, and contrast. While there is much room for experimentation, I still adhere to the same fundamentals as my documentary photos: subject, composition, and vision for the outcome.

More images available at my ICM Gallery.

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