Documentary Projects

My documentary projects are long-term explorations of where humans and their environments meet and intertwine. Almost completely void of people, the man-made structures give context to the surrounding community. This work tends to focus on geographical locations, often bound by roadways that twist, turn, and divide the natural landscape as well as both the cultural and natural landscapes.

Fantasy Projects

Every artist is inspired to create. My work with fantasy and dreamlike photography allows me to construct photographs that only exists in my mind – a creation realized through image-making and personal vision. In-camera manipulation by using Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) and Multiple-Exposure techniques started my discovery and love of “making” images. I have since added post-processing skills that have enabled me to realize a broader range of dreamlike and fantasy creations. Skill sets honed in this process benefit all aspects of my photography.. In many ways this process is limitless and allows me to build skills and personal vision that benefits all my photography.