Frames Podcast

I hope you will take time to listen to my interview with W. Scott Olsen of Frames Magazine. The conversational format left lots of room to wander, and I love wandering. Don’t be surprised if/when I wander off subject. After all, wandering is in my genes and has been a constant source of inspiration for…
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Finding Inspiration for your Photography

When I started photographing as a child, I photographed like a child would-unencumbered by thoughts of the story I was trying to tell or why I was taking pictures. It was the total creative freedom that youth provides us and we (at least I) spent a majority of the following years squashing into an undefined…
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Unintentional Artists

The one thing I can count on, living in Florida, is the ever-changing cityscape. I would say that since the Covid-19 virus I have become more aware of my surroundings, however, that has been true for me since I started photography. The power of observation is a necessary skill set for most photographers and when…
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Feature: Frames Magazine Website

Tomasz Trzebiatowski, photographer, founder-in-chief and editor of FujiLove magazine, has been working on a new venture, “Frames”. This website and upcoming publication will feature a variety of talented photographers from all over the world. Giving a forum for their work which shares their stories and inspiration behind the work. I am honored to have been…
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Sherri Bunye Photography

To exit a road already traveled, to change direction, or to explore the unknown. Ramps are an essential part of the journey.

I had the great honor to be one of two faculty members at Crealdé School of Art (alongside Patricia Byron, an amazing abstract painter and teacher) selected to receive a scholarship a couple years ago to participate in Creative Capital’s Advanced Core Weekend. I had known about Creative Capital since 2008 when my mentor, Rick…
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