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A1A: The Road from Flagler Beach to St. Augustine
Shrimp Boats of St. Augustine
Streets of New Orleans
Roadside Photography
Natural Landscapes
Collaborative Projects
Exits Less Traveled
Route 66
Dreamlike Imagery
The Texture of Water
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Recent BLOG Posts

Frames Podcast

I hope you will take time to listen to my interview with W. Scott Olsen of Frames Magazine. The conversational format left lots of room to wander, and I love[…]

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Finding Inspiration for your Photography

When I started photographing as a child, I photographed like a child would-unencumbered by thoughts of the story I was trying to tell or why I was taking pictures. It[…]

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Unintentional Artists

The one thing I can count on, living in Florida, is the ever-changing cityscape. I would say that since the Covid-19 virus I have become more aware of my surroundings,[…]

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