I had the great honor to be one of two faculty members at Crealdé School of Art (alongside Patricia Byron, an amazing abstract painter and teacher) selected to receive a scholarship to last weekends Creative Capital Advanced Core Weekend. I had known about Creative Capital since 2008 when my mentor, Rick Lang, was going to his second Creative Capital program in Jacksonville. He spoke so well of his own development during the immersive program that I felt out of my depth within a room of artist I knew by name (but none that knew me).

From Friday to Sunday, approximately thirty artists (actors, painters, photographers, poets, printmakers, and writers) throughout Florida gathered to learn how to sustain and grow a career in the arts.  The talented group of facilitators led us in group discussions, presentations, workshops, and role playing issues ranging from pricing, to gallery representation, fundraising, and how to stand out as art has become more competitive. The end of the workshop culminated with each artist having an one-on-one session with one of the facilitators.

Sherri Bunye

My inspiration for The American Road Trip: Images and Stories from the Exits Less Traveled are my childhood memories of family road trips. That quinicential shared American experience made possible by years of progress. This contemporary documentary of the communities, buildings, and people that find their paths crossing within a few miles of Florida’s historic Interstate 4. As a Florida native, I was surprised how these images would come to reveal my relationship with a place I’d known my entire life, strengthen my understanding of its history, people, and ever-changing landscape. The work has been produced over the course of the last eight years. The current exhibition, Exits Less Traveled, contains over 30 pieces printed with pigmented archival inks. A select number of these will be chosen for oral histories. The oral histories will be matted and framed with the photograph to provide historic context to the image.

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