Frames Podcast

I hope you will take time to listen to my interview with W. Scott Olsen of Frames Magazine. The conversational format left lots of room to wander, and I love wandering. Don’t be surprised if/when I wander off subject. After all, wandering is in my genes and has been a constant source of inspiration for my photographs.

Frames, editor and chief, Tomasz Trzebiatowski started the Frames venture through social media. Specifically using Facebook to connect with a wide range of photographers. Growing the Frames platform to be across media and giving access and a voice to all genres of photography by established and emerging photographers.

This month is the launch of the Frames Magazine, and lucky for me to it happened to be on the week that my podcast went live. As a modern photography magazine in a digital world, their goal is to not only bring compelling photographs, and the stories behind them, to the hands of professionals and admirers alike, but to do so with quality printing. A magazine you want to hold on to.


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